Join us for an inspiring, soul-nourishing and 
Jannah building evening of online lectures
An Amazing End
Family Iftar | Starts at 6pm | Saturday 16th May
A Unique Event for the Entire Family
This Ramadan, leave the hustle and bustle of lockdown life and get ready to be inspired with a unique evening where we learn how to make the most of the remaining days of Ramadan and beyond.

Our Speakers
We will be joined by 5 esteemed guest speakers, inshaAllah
It will be a truly beneficial and inspirational event for the entire family, inshaAllah.

Sh. Ammar Shukry
How do I get the most out of my Dua?

Sh. Sajid Umar
Living the New You Post Ramadan

Sh. Asim Khan
Maximise the Best Night in Ramadan

Sh. Kamal Mekki
Making Eid Fun for the Family 

Sh. Ali Hamuda
Finish Strong

Our Sponsors
Our mission is to see every Muslim family love living Islam - offline and online! 
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