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Family Ramadan
Let's make this an unforgettable Ramadan for you and the entire family
11:00am Youth Quiz Time
11:30am Interactive Qur'an Time
12:00pm MYI Ramadan Gameshow
12:00pm Young Learners Hub
06:00pm Family Storytime
08:30pm Family Knowledge Hour

11:00am Family Arts & Craft Challenge
11:30am Interactive Qur'an Time
12:00pm Young Learners Hub
06:00pm Family Quiz Show
08:30pm Family Knowledge Hour

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Family Iftar
This Ramadan, leave the hustle and bustle of lockdown life and join us for an inspiring, soul-nourishing and Jannah building evening in the comfort of your own home. 

Listen to soothing Qur'an recitation by special guest imams

Get inspired by motivational talks by guest speakers


Take part in the fun activities to win special gifts and prizes

Enjoy home-cooked iftar 

Saturday 16th May 2020
We will be joined by 5 esteemed guest speakers who will be giving you practical guidance in how you can make the most out of this unique Ramadan, inshaAllah.  
It will be a truly beneficial and inspirational event for the entire family, inshaAllah.
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Here's what you love about us
Ma Sha Allah, you all organised this event the best way! We all really enjoyed & benefit from it, Alhamdhulillah! May Allah SWT accept from you & us for this critical situation, Aameen! Umm Jawzi
May Allah bless you for your interactive on line programme of events for the whole family. Really enjoyed and extremely beneficial Q&A. Please do let us know if you are doing anymore online events. Afsana
Alhamdullilah it was excellent. Wife and I are in our 30s so didn’t attend the junior activities in the mornings but tuned in to all the other sessions. Masha’Allah tabarakallah it was great viewing and a great balance of spiritual reminders, comedy, interactive quizzes/challenges, learning, the lot! Nashir Ahmed
We really enjoyed Ustadh Asim Khan’s storytime and the children’s Qur’an. Sh Haitham’s lectures were very good ماشاءالله. Laila Caunhye
Shaykh Haitham was amazing. Jazaakumulluhu khayr, it was our first Family Break event, my children have been well entertained and could not wait for the next event. They have enjoyed art attack. We plan to take part again. Zaliha Alli
Alhamdulillaah. May Allah bless you all. Same sad feeling when it all ends, even in comfort of participating from home. Shama Barbhuiyan
JizakaAllah khair for the amazing weekend, We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, specially the tafsir of surah Hujurat and all the kids competitions and activities! Riaz did incredible job, we still think he should of won all the games😂 May Allah reward you for all your hard work and benefiting the whole family. Leila Ahmed
The programmes were brilliant, entertaining and educative. Very good quality. Well done. Kafayat Eletu 
The events that took place were really fun. Me and my family enjoyed it so much! It was like we were really there! Hawa
Kids really enjoyed the interactive sessions- they were so happy for the shout out during the art session and then coming second- they did not expect it at all. They family quiz was brilliant as it was aimed perfectly at teenagers and managed to engage my two boys. My son Abdullah says ‘ brilliant really good fun and could you include more game shows!’ It would be really good if this became a regular session on a Saturday night. Shaila Chaudry
Alhumdolillah. We really had a family event this weekend without leaving our home. The seminar's were wonderful - jazakallah khair to all involved. The family story time really did have us listening as a family - amazing sound effects, especially the stoning! We couldn't wait for the family challenge and we were not disappointed. We still miss the interaction from Family Break but you all did amazing in bringing family events into our home. We'd love some more interactive quizzes - they really had us jumping out o four seats! And the icing on the cake was Bilal coming 3rd in the art event - more challenges please! May Allah SWT reward you all and keep you safe. Ameen. Iram Reza
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Your Sadaqa & Zakah
Family Events is honored to be working with a number of charitable projects
This Ramadan, give your Sadaqa and Zakat with ease to UK-based leadership building projects for the future to international humanitarian causes saving lives. We have it all. 
Our mission is to see every Muslim family love living Islam - offline and online! 

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